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Are You Looking for a Chronic Bad Breath Cure?

» Are you trying to find something that works to cure your bad breath with minimal work on your part?
Does brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash fail to keep your breath fresh all day long?
» Are you sick and tired of having a persistent "bad taste" in your mouth?
Does your tongue have a white coating that you just know has to do with your bad breath?
» Are you starting to get really embarassed of having to pop mints or chew gum every time you interact with people?
Do you feel like bad breath is the only thing stopping you from having unshakable confidence in public or with the opposite sex?
» Does your breath seem to just be getting continually worse?

Chronic bad breath is an embarassing and frustrating problem. If you suffer from it yourself, I don't need to tell you this.

But I know that I suffered from chronic bad breath for quite a good portion of my life, and the most annoying part of the problem was that the people who were "supposed" to be able to help me just didn't seem willing or able to.

I'm talking about the dozens of dentists I saw about the problem. None of them could give me a solution.

I eventually found out that dentists are NOT taught how to effectively deal with bad breath in dental school. Most dentists are simply taught that brushing and flossing alone is enough to prevent bad breath.

Not only is that far from the truth for those of us who suffer from it, but it makes the problem even worse. What do I mean by that? Because now people think its YOUR fault that you have bad breath.

It's not your fault at all. Unless you give up and stop looking for a solution. But the fact that you're here means that you're dedicated to finding a solution, and I'm going to give you one.

The first step is to educate yourself a little bit about the TRUE causes of bad breath. I'm amazed, because its seems that 9 out of 10 people who suffer from bad breath and want a solution don't even know what the real cause is! So it's probably not what you think.

I'm in your corner, and remember... when it comes to breath, I've experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly... and I KNOW from experience that a bad breath cure can be right in front of your nose and you might not even know it.

You can have fresh breath AND your life back, and it's probably even easier than you're hoping. Then your struggle will all be over at last. Take action! Click the button below for instant access... it's free to join, so literally NOTHING is stopping you from having fresh breath that lasts.

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Need a little bit more guidance with what to do next? There are a lot of articles that you should find helpful on this website -- these range from quick and easy bad breath cures to information on what is probably causing you to have bad breath in the first place.

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How to Try TheraBreath for Free

It's no secret to my readers that I love the TheraBreath products. If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard of Dr. Katz and TheraBreath, they're definitely one of the only companies out there trying to sell real solutions to bad breath that actually work.

I started using them years ago when they were a much smaller company, and I'm thrilled to now have my own website where I can tell others who suffer from bad breath about TheraBreath.

But that's not all -- if you live in the United States, you can actually get a free trial of TheraBreath (just pay shipping and handling). Here is my TheraBreath Review, or you can just get the trial and decide for yourself whether or not it works for you:

TheraBreath Free Trial

What's My Story?

My name is Jacob Jameson, and I suffer from chronic bad breath, and I always have (although many people who know me today don't even now it!)

Growing up, kids made fun of me for having bad breath. I even got teased relentlessly by my siblings. As I grew older, I got teased less because adults are less honest and "bluntly cruel" than kids can be. But still, I knew I had a problem. I could tell by the reactions I got from adults. They just didn't say anything about it anymore!

The worst part about suffering from chronic bad breath -- and I'm sure you can relate to this -- is that people assume that if your breath stinks, then you just aren't brushing or flossing your teeth. They think that it's your fault.

They don't even realize that no one would suffer from bad breath if it were as easily fixable as just brushing. No one wants to have such an embarassing problem!

While I eventually found what works for me (and I'll share that on the inside), I've also found while running this website that everyone is different -- different things work for different people.

But what I've also found is that we can all learn from each other.

Are you ready to finally put your bad breath behind you? Are you ready to be able to say what's on your mind while looking someone straight in the eye and talking straight to their face?

I'm here to help. Click here to join my free newsletter, and let's fight to end bad breath together!


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