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Bad Breath Home Remedies - Does a Bad Breath Home Remedy Really Work? Here's How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Without Seeing a Dentist...

Many people seek bad breath home remedies for many reasons. For most of us, it's because we want to learn to treat our bad breath at home for a low cost, without racking up an expensive bill at the dentists. I myself suffered from chronic bad breath for a long time -- here's what I've found.

There are so many bad breath home remedies out there that it would make your head spin, but to simplify things, let me tell you right off of the bat -- most of these "home remedies" involve things such as lemon juice, baking soda, sea salt, vinegar, and other things that have an effect on the pH balance of your mouth.

If you want step by step instructions on how to mix up your own little home remedy for bad breath, I suggest you read another article of mine where I tell you how to do exactly that: End Bad Breath With This Home Remedy

I and others seem to find that remedy somewhat effective... for the short-term.

Unfortunately, these bad breath home remedies do little to cure truly chronic bad breath. While they are effective in the short term and are great for those who only suffer from occasional bad breath after a garlic dinner, for example... it's just not realistic to carry around a lemon juice concoction with you everywhere you go.

Furthermore, if you're anything like me at all, you just want to live a normal life. You don't want to have to be mixing potions every day just to be able to enjoy a level of comfort and confidence in yourself that some lucky people get all on their own!

What I found in the end (I learned the hard way) is that the best way for me to get rid of my chronic bad breath is not through home remedies that I mixed myself, but through a product that targets the ACTUAL root cause of your bad breath, rather than just "masking it", which is basically what most home remedies and mouthwashs and such do.

Folks, mouthwashes give you the ILLUSION of fresh breath, but don't really help all that much. In fact, they dry your mouth out, and dry mouth is something that many dentists seem to label as a major contributor to bad breath.

So if you're on a budget, what do I recommend you do?

You can try the TheraBreath free trial which I've been recommending and sharing with all of my readers and subscribers lately. In my opinion and expereince, it's the best bad breath product there is out there. And because you can try it for free (after a small shipping and handling fee), there's nothing stopping you from finding out if it works.

If it works for you, you could be having fresher breath in a matter of days.

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