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Does Post Nasal Drip Cause Bad Breath? Can Bad Breath Come from the Throat?

Statistics show a strong correlation between those who suffer from issues that affect their throat, such as post nasal drip, and bad breath or chronic bad breath. Sinus problems or tonsil problems can also cause bad breath.

I myself have suffered from chronic bad breath, and let me tell you -- my bad breath did NOT go away until I attacked the problems that I have had all of my life, such as my post nasal drip that I got from my mother's side of the family.

It's hard to explain to someone who does not have our problem how we know that their is a link between our throat and our bad breath. To me, my bad breath, the constant mucousy feeling in my throat, and the sour and metallic taste in the back of my mouth seemed to all be related. That may sound gross or embarassing, but I want to let it be known -- I feel your pain.

The hardest part of getting to the bottom of this problem for me was that my dentist did NOT recognize my bad breath as a serious issue deserving of his our my time. Judging from the people who have emailed me on this website, it seems that most dentists are the same way -- they give you the run around, acting like all you need to do is brush your teeth better and maybe floss, and your bad breath will vanish on its own.

It's unfortunate that we have to do our own research sometimes, but I commend you for taking action and trying to get your bad breath problem solved for good. Seriously.

Virtually all cases of bad breath are caused by a certain sulfur producing bacteria that make their home in your mouth (especially in your throat and on your tongue). These bacteria are perfectly normal, as they actually help us break down the foods that we eat. It is when they break down our mucous or phlegm that bad breath is created, through the extraction of sulfur from the proteins found in our mucous (especially in the case of post nasal drip).

If you want to get rid of the bad breath caused by the problems in your throat, then you must use a method to neutralize the sulfur that this bacteria creates if you want to have a fresh breath that lasts all day (without having to brush your teeth many times a day, gargle mouth-drying mouthwash, or chew gum throughout your life).

The bad breath remedy I used to finally get rid of my bad breath is fairly inexpensive and keeps my breath fresh all day for only about 30 seconds of time.

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