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Bad Breath - Tongue Coating and it's Relationship to Bad Breath

Of all the symptoms of bad breath, tongue coating is perhaps the one that is most commonly noticed by those who suffer from bad breath chronically. While most people will never know just what exactly is going on that causes their tongue coating, or it's relationship to bad breath (heck, my dentist didn't even know when I asked him!), most of us can still "sense" the relationship.

Something that often accompanies a white or yellowish coating on your tongue is a sourish or metallic taste in your mouth that also gives you the feeling of bad breath. At least, that's the way it was for me. I also noticed that this taste got much worse after eating certain foods or drinking certain drinks.

Dentists and those that don't actually suffer from this problem usually dismiss our concerns as minor, mostly because society and even dental schools are ignorant as to the causes and cures for bad breath and halitosis.

There are tongue scrapers on the market to "attack" the tongue coating, but they actually do very little to freshen your breath, OR change the color of your tongue. If you've ever used a tongue scraper, then you already know this.

Something that is important to understand is that the true cause of bad breath is a specific bacteria that makes your mouth its home. These bacteria are actually a natural part of your digestive system, breaking down things that you eat.

The problem is that some people's mouths are designed in a way that creates an overly hospitable environment for these bacteria. When these bacteria are too numerous, they create bad breath.

The white coating on your tongue is an indication that your tongue has a geographic layout that is very friendly to these bacteria, and so they are allowed to flourish.

If you really want to get rid of your bad breath forever (the tongue coating will get better as you do this), then scraping alone is not the answer. Scraping removes some of the coating, but it does nothing to the bacteria.

You MUST create a less hospitable environment in your mouth and on your tongue for the bacteria. You also need to neutralize the sulfur compounds that these bacteria produce as they break down protein; for that is the source of the odors.

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