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Chronic Bad Breath Causes - What Causes Chronic Halitosis?

What causes chronic bad breath? Just about all of us are familiar with occasional bad breath, but when you suffer from bad breath just about every day (and in spite of proper oral care) your condition can be classified as chronic bad breath.

When does chronic bad breath become a problem? When it is impairing your social life, making you self conscious, or inhibiting you from participating in activites that you would like to partake in.

One very big issue that many chronic bad breath sufferers have is the inability to comfortably get romanticly involved with love interests, for obvious reasons. With such a large motivation for curing chronic bad breath, it would certainly help to be aware of the causes of chronic bad breath.

Before I go into more detail about what causes chronic bad breath, I have a confession to make to you. I myself suffer from chronic bad breath. I've been there. I've gone through the obsessive oral care phase. I've done the tongue scraper, I've been too embarassed to approach or ask out women I'm interested in, and I've even wondered whether or not I was just being paranoid about my breath.

But unfortunately, chronic bad breath is very real and probably not just in your head. Still, for the most part, I have gotten my halitosis under control; so there is hope at the end of the rainbow!

To cure chronic bad breath, you should first understand the causes of chronic bad breath.

Firstly, let me give just a quick recap about what causes bad breath in general, for those of you who are new to this subject. Then, I'll explain why some people suffer from halitosis more frequently, while others only on occasion.

Bad breath is ultimately caused by a compound called "sulfur." Sulfur is the resulting product of an evil little bacteria that lives in the depths of your mouth, mostly in your throat, the sides of your mouth, and especially on your tongue.

Actually, the bacteria isn't "evil" at all. It's actually a natural part of your digestive system, as it helps to break down the foods that you eat.

Unfortunately, a little side effect of the way it breaks food down is that many foods result in sulfur, the odorous compound that causes bad breath.

Basically, some level of sulfur is normal. Pretty much everyone will experience some degree of halitosis after eating foods that naturally result in an increase in the presence of sulfur. Think garlic, onions, etc.

So, where does chronic bad breath come into play?

I won't overcomplicate this or drag this out, because it's simple math. More natural digestive bacteria results in the production of more sulfur which equals more bad breath.

Basically, if you naturally have a higher than average population of these bacteria in your mouth (for whatever reason) then you will experience worse breath on a more detectable level and a more regular basis than most people.

There are specific reasons that you have more of these bacteria that are unfortunately out of your control. We're all born with different traits. And we're all born with different geographic layouts inside our mouth. These bacteria thrive in certain conditions, such as a dry mouth or a tongue with many grooves. Do you have a white coating on your tongue? That's a giveaway sign of a chronic bad breath sufferer.

The flatter your tongue is, the less bad breath you will have. The "bumpier" or "groovier" it is (on a microscopic level), the more consistently bad your breath will be because the bacteria can "hide" in these cavities where they will not be exterminated by normal means.

Unfortunately, these bacteria multiply at alarming rates, so bad breath only leads to more bad breath. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash will probably only fix truly chronic bad breath for a few minutes.

To stop chronic bad breath, you have to use something specifically designed to deal with it. The remedy that many of my readers (and myself, actually) have success with is a solution called "TheraBreath", which works by introducing a lot of oxygen (the natural enemy of these bacteria) into your mouth.

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