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Does Phlegm Cause Bad Breath?

Does phlegm cause bad breath? Many people who suffer from excessive phlegm for a variety of reasons, whether it be post nasal drip or chronic sinus infections, can sort of "sense" that there may be a connection between halitosis and phlegm. And guess what? Statistics do indeed show a positive correlation between bad breath and excessive phlegm.

I happen to be a post nasal drip sufferer. My mom tells me it comes from her side of the family. I often have excessive phlegm and a "light" sore throat which never really goes away, and I can sort of tell that this contributes to my breath being less than ideal in its natural state. Believe me, I know what you're going through.

The reason that most people are led to believe that their phlegm may have some sort of connection to the freshness of their breath is the fact that you can sort of "taste" bad breath, and it is reminiscent of the phlegm. It's really a difficult phenomenon to describe, so instead let's take a scientific approach as I attempt to explain what the actual connection between the two is.

Most bad breath is caused by a specific sulfur producing bacteria that is a natural inhabitant of your mouth and oral caivities. This "friendly" little bacteria is actually friend and foe. It's job is to help break down foods that you eat. The problem is that it also breaks down phlegm, and phlegm contains a whole lot of protein.

What is the significant of protein exactly? Well, when protein is broken down by these bacteria, it creates sulfur. In order to spare you from the wrath of the boring details, let's just suffice to say that sulfur stinks!

The more phlegm you have, the more protein is broken down. The more protein is broken down, the higher the sulfur levels in your throat and tongue. The more sulfur on your throat and tongue, the worse your breath will be.

I believe we've answered our question. Does phlegm cause bad breath? You bet it does. What can you do about it?

Because it is very difficult to get rid of your phlegm, the best solution to get rid of bad breath caused by phlegm is to use a compound to neutralize the sulfur and limit the number of the bacteria in your mouth at the same time. One such home made compound that can work is a combination of baking soda and peroxide (use as you would use mouthwash and gargle, but do not swallow).

The problem with this remedy for bad breath is that it is very, very short lived. If you have consistent phlegm, it won't do you too much good.

If you'd like to try something stronger, I recommend a product called TheraBreath. It doesn't work for everybody with bad breath, but it works for a lot of people so chances are it will work for you too. It especially seems to work for those who suffer from bad breath as a result of excessive phlegm or post nasal drip (I would know, because I'm one of them -- I use TheraBreath).

What I recommend you do is to take advantage of this free trial of TheraBreath to make sure it works for you. You have to pay for the shipping and handling, but it's extremely inexpesnive (less than the price of one days lunch around where I live) and TheraBreath can keep your breath fresh all day long.

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