Does TheraBreath Work?

Editor's Note: Despite the findings of this article, as with any product, experiences will vary from person to person. Therefore, it is recommended that you take advantage of TheraBreath's free trial before making a final purchase decision.

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TheraBreath (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Thera Breath) is a is a popular brand of bad breath products released to the public in 1994. TheraBreath has steadily expanded its advertising efforts since then, but does TheraBreath work?

Although TheraBreath has proved the test of time and shown that they are not a fly-by-night company (indicating at first glance that they do indeed help a lot of people, as companies such as this often rely on repeat customers to stay in business), it should be noted that as with most products, mileage may vary as everyone's condition (and underlying causes) can be slightly different.

Still, statistics and numbers tend to carry a lot of weight, so for this review of TheraBreath, we are going to examine customer feedback that we have obtained from various unbiased sources around the internet to see if we can come up with some sort of answer to the question "Does TheraBreath work?"

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Source 1 - TheraBreath's Website

TheraBreath has no shortage of testimonials on its own website and in its own emails. These sorts of testimonials are often not the most valuable when trying to answer a question like "does TheraBreath work?" because while the testimonials are surely real, they are no doubt filtered; showing us more of the good than the bad.

Still, some information is sure to be found on TheraBreath's own website, as that is surely where the bulk of TheraBreath testimonials end up. Perhaps an example of one of the most valuable testimonials is this one, as it really puts into perspective the struggle of a bad breath victim and how TheraBreath may be able to help by being different from the competitors:

" Dear Dr. Katz:
       I  am so tremendously pleased to have used your products (TheraBreath Oral Rinse, Toothgel, and PowerDrops).  I have searched high and low, questioned many dental professionals, alternative therapies and more and NOTHING or NO PERSON could provide me with knowledge of halitosis etc...I've used Listerine, constant brushing of teeth, flossing and tongue scraping constantly throughout the day to no avail.  I work up-close and personal with patients all day and have been unable to shine to my full potential because of my breath concerns.  Now, this is no longer an issue.  Whether after a well seasoned salmon meal or waking in the morning I DO NOT HAVE OFFENSIVE BREATH AT ALL.  ....trying not to go too far with this because I could go on and on....but... THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING THE CHALLENGE AND ENTERING YOUR LIFE'S PATH.  If ever you needed any one (especially in lovely South Fla) to tell the world about TheraBreath, I would love to do so.   "

-Excerpt from a Testimonial Found on the TheraBreath website

TheraBreath Testimonials Page

Source 2 - Amazon

While TheraBreath is sold on the website and at select retailers, it is also sold through third parties on Amazon. Personally, if you decide to buy TheraBreath, I recommend that you buy it straight from TheraBreath itself for added support; however, the choice is up to you.

What Amazon IS very useful for is their open-feedback policy. This allows you to easily access a products strengths and weaknesses based on the experiences of others. So, what does Amazon reveal? Does TheraBreath work?

TheraBreath actually has quite a few products out there, but for the sake of this analysis, we will use one of their more basic products -- the TheraBreath oral rinse. Out of 10 customer reviews, the oral rinse has an average of "5 stars" in the rating, which IS rather impressive. You can read the feedback for yourself:

TheraBreath at Amazon

Source 3 - The World Wide Web:

After the TheraBreath website itself and Amazon, there is no single internet presence that commands as much weight, traffic, or authority on the TheraBreath products. Still, there is tremendous value in random comments on the internet. So, to the average person -- does TheaBreath work? Here are some thoughts that we have found from random comments and forum posts:

"I have had very positive results with THERABREATH and PROBIOTIC K-12. Both are really top of the line formulas and are used world-wide."
Portion of actual user recommendation on forums

"I've found that it also reduced my morning breath, and sour/metallic tastes after I eat."
Portion of actual user review from

"dr katz who is the founder of these products is really good to answer emails personally."
Portion of actual user post on forums

"I use the Therabreath mouthwash and I love it, it's the only thing that seems to get rid of my bad breath. But from their website alone, I would probably just write them off with their infomercial style product descriptions. Ah well..."
Portion of actual user comment from

""...When I received the product, 25 days after ordering, I was allowed live chat and my issues were responded to."
Portion of actual user feedback

"...use therabreath and it's my promise that ur breath will be terminated forever..."
Portion of actual user recommendation on message board

From our experience, negative comments were hard to come by, and those that claimed that TheraBreath did not work for them often found later that they suffered from serious oral disorders such as gingivitis.

The Verdict on TheraBreath - Does TheraBreath Work?

TheraBreath seems to adhere to a simple philosophy - they set out to help people with their bad breath, and do just that in exchange for their customer's money. It's a straightforward approach to doing business, and one that enables TheraBreath to stay around for the long haul.

Does TheraBreath really work? We imagine that the effectiveness of the TheraBreath products will vary from person to person; still, the glowing testimonials are impossible to ignore.

If you are interested in buying TheraBreath but don't know which TheraBreath products to start with or want to try it first before making a purchase decision, you may be interested in this free trial (you need only pay shipping and handling):

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