Living Bad Breath Free - Does it Work?

Editor's Note: Despite the findings of this article, as with any product, experiences will vary from person to person.

Living Bad Breath Free is a little bit different from most bad breath products that you can buy. Rather than selling a spray, a toothpaste, or a tongue cleaner, Living Bad Breath Free is a method which its developer (Dr. Jaggi Rao) claims is a doctor recommended bad breath cure that he dubs the "3 Day Bad Breath Cure."

That's quite a bold statement to make, and one that should not go unverified. As a bad breath sufferer myself who uses a couple of different products to keep my breath under control, I'd certainly like to know if there really is a method out there that can work so quickly.

Many people stumble upon Living Bad Breath Free through the Google search engine, as for whatever reason the website appears to be highly trusted by Google's search algorithm and ranks consistently high for bad breath related search queries.

In this review of Living Bad Breath Free, I will attempt to locate, summarize, and analyze various people's experiences and reviews from around the internet.

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Source 1 - Living Bad Breath Free's Website

Living Bad Breath Free has a few of testimonials on its website (as of this time of writing). These testimonials are allegedly from some type of professional and give a glowingly positive view of what's inside the Living Bad Breath Free report. But I'd like to extend a word of caution.

Testimonials on the website itself will always be subject to filteration. Think about it; if you owned a business, would you publish only the best testimonials you receive? Of course you would. And that's why we're going to have to continue our search for actual customers who have used Living Bad Breath Free, and try and find out what they think about the product.

Still, to be fair, I will reprint one testimonial from the Living Bad Breath Free website:

"Without a doubt this information will prove tremendously helpful. From personal experience as a physician I know exactly how negatively bad breath can impact a persons life. This is a great book and based on my own research, the information provided is medically accurate.  I will definitely recommend it to my patients.

Perry Grewal, MD"

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Source 2 - Facebook

In my attempt to find real user feedback for Living Bad Breath Free, I visited their page on the social networking site My idea was that real customers of the product could post on the Living Bad Breath Free Facebook page if they had any complaints about the product.

There were no complaints on the wall, but no favorable testimonials either. I now realize that my plan has a flaw: bad breath is an embarassing problem, and Facebook shares your activities with all of your friends. Who in their right mind would post on Living Bad Breath Free's wall for all of their friends to see?

I now realize that finding reviews of Living Bad Breath Free will be harder than I thought. Since suffering from bad breath is so taboo, there aren't many people out there who are actively discussing thier problem in an open forum.

Living Bad Breath Free's Facebook Page

Source 3 - The Product Itself

Unfortunately my request for a review copy of Living Bad Breath Free has not yet been responded to. If I receive a review copy or I purchase a copy myself, I will update this section to reflect my opinion of its contents.

In the mean time, if you do decide to buy Living Bad Breath Free, please tell me what you think about it so I can post your opinions here for others to see! You can reach me at

The Verdict on Living Bad Breath Free - Does It Work?

Real customer feedback for this product is hard to find, and I have not had much luck this far. I don't know how well it works, but if it is even half as good as it promises to be on the official website then

Also notable is that the product has a money back guarantee. I do not know the specifics, but if you'd like to check them out for yourself please read them on the official website.

Whatever you decide, I wish you luck in conquering your bad breath problem. If you would like to give me feedback on this product, please email me.

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