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Morning Breath - The REAL Cause of Morning Breath and How to Get Rid of it Forever

Some interesting statistics on bad breath (we'll get to morning breath in a second):

Roughly 35% of people suffer from "chronic bad breath", meaning that they suffer from a significant degree of halitosis constantly despite their oral care and diet.

About 55% more people suffer from "occasional" bad breath, which is usually triggered by foods they have eaten.

And then a lucky 10% don't suffer from significant bad breath at all... even after eating offensive foods like garlic.

But guess what? Almost EVERYBODY suffers from morning breath!

So, what causes morning breath, and more importantly... what can you do about it?

Morning breath is a stranger to nobody. Affecting almost the entire population (even those who don't normally suffer from bad breath), it may come as a surprise that there are actually things that you can do to get rid of morning breath for good. First, let me explain what triggers morning breath. If you just want an inexpensive remedy, then I highly recommend TheraBreath AktivOxigen Tablets. I haven't suffered from morning breath at all since I began taking them.

Have you ever noticed that a nap in midday or even the evening can leave you with "morning breath" upon waking up? That's because morning breath actually has nothing to do with the break of dawn. It has to do with the fact that you were sleeping! This may seem obvious to you, but it narrows down our little "investigation" -- morning breath MUST be caused by something that occurs during sleep!

While you sleep, what actually occurs is a process where many functions of your body begin to shut down or even come to a complete stop. While you're awake, your own saliva goes a long way towards cleansing your mouth of certain sulfur producing bacteria that actually cause bad breath. But while you're asleep, your body stops producing so much saliva to prevent you from choking on it in the middle of the night.

Even though most people deal with morning breath, it is still an embarassing problem and it is entirely understandable that you would want to get rid of it for good. By curing your morning breath, you also fix other problems associated with it, such as that bad taste in your mouth in the morning.

Let's talk about the cures for morning breath, and why the TheraBreath AktivOxigen Tablets work the way they do. The reason that your saliva helps your bad breath is because it carries a large concentration of oxygen, which happens to destroy the culprit bacteria. There is nothing you can do to force yourself to salivate while you sleep; but you CAN replicate the effect that the saliva has on your breath by taking such an oxygen supplement before you sleep!

The point is that you don't have to deal with morning breath. You can get rid of it with an extra 30 second step before you sleep each night. That means that living with morning breath just isn't worth it, in my opinion.

Again, the thing that I recommend is TheraBreath AktivOxigen Tablets. They're pretty cheap, so enjoy! And don't forget to join the FREE Chronic Bad Breath Cure Club below for more great tips on getting rid of bad breath in general.

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