The Bad Breath Report Review

The Bad Breath Report is a report on an easy and quick remedy for bad breath. Written by Tomas O'Caomhanach, the product's website makes quite a few promises, from curing even the worst cases of bad breath with less than 90 seconds of work per day, to providing a whiter smile as a side effect.

Perhaps the biggest selling point that Tomas O'Caomhanach tries to make is that the cure outlined in the book is a simple two dollar mix of common, safe, and easy to use ingredients that is actually more effective than expensive bad breath remedies found in stores.

The author says that he himself suffered from terrible chronic bad breath for years, and that his remedy has already worked for almost everybody who has tried it.

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Bad Breath Curing Ability:

The Bad Breath Report makes a lot of claims to live up to, and fortunately the remedy outlined is indeed easy to follow and cures bad breath. The ingredients suggested may end up costing slightly more than advertised (but not by much), and the teeth whitening effects of the remedy may vary from person to person, with some people indeed experiencing a drastically whiter shade and others not at all.

Still, the main draw to the product seems to be the inexpensiveness and the ease of use, and it does deliver on those grounds. The Bad Breath Report is easy to use, relatively inexpensive compared to a chemical treatment such as TheraBreath, and works to cure bad breath.

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Ease of Use:

The Bad Breath Report website spends a lot of time emphasizing how easy the remedy is to use. It is indeed very easy to use, and the ingredients listed in the remedy are easy to obtain. We cannot imagine that many customers will have any problems at all reading and applying this remedy to get rid of their bad breath for good.

Customer Support:

All of our emails were indeed returned, but not necesarilly within 24 hours. This is more than understandable, as the publisher of The Bad Breath Report is not a huge company with a dedicated staff of customer service agents. Mix that with the fact that The Bad Breath Report has become somewhat popular on the internet, and you can understand that they have a lot of emails to answer.

Overall, any problems with customer support are minimal. The Bad Breath Report website offers a money back guarantee if you happen to be an exception to their rule, and Tomas O'Caomhanach himself seems honest, courteous, and helpful.

The Bad Breath Report Overall:

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

Bad Breath is a frustrating problem to deal with, and if The Bad Breath Report delivers on even half of its promises, it should make many people very happy.

Luckily, it does, and it is very inexpensive to purchase, to boot. If you're out of ideas on how to get rid of your bad breath for good, the easy remedy detailed in The Bad Breath Report may just be the "missing link" you've been looking for all along.

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Other Information:

The Bad Breath Report is not an actual physical product. It is a guide that details an original remedy for dealing with bad breath, through the use of inexpensive ingredients that banish bad breath safely, naturally, and quickly.

You can only buy The Bad Breath Report online, at the website.

The product offers a 60 day money back guarantee, with no questions asked.


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