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TheraBreath Coupon Codes

TheraBreath is probably the best bad breath product on the market today. However, many people hesitate to make the plunge simply because of the price. Now with these killer coupon codes, you have no excuse! Don't go on another day with your bad breath. You're bound to find something you can use in the special offers below.

Make sure to act fast, as these offers expire all the time. This page will be updated as often as possible to reflect the latest deals. Note that none of these coupons are found on the official TheraBreath website!

TheraBreath Coupon #1: Try TheraBreath for Free!

Customer pays $6.95 shipping, and gets to try TheraBreath free.

Click Here to Try TheraBreath for Free

TheraBreath Coupon #2: Free Ground Shipping in U.S. with a 3-Pak Extinguisher Spray

The TheraBreath extinguisher spray is a great product, and I never leave home without it. It really helps to INSTANTLY neutralize bad breath after a meal or just when your mouth is working against you. Now you can try out a 3 pak extinguisher spray by using the following coupon code upon checkout with your 3 pak extinguisher spray: D-BSpray

Click Here for the TheraBreath 3-Pak Extinguisher Spray

TheraBreath Coupon #3: Free Ground Shipping in the US with a 6-pack of ZOX Mints

If you suffer from chronic bad breath AT ALL, then mints are already part of your life. But most mints give you false confidence; TheraBreath's DZoxMints actually work, and they work wonders. Get a 6 pack of ZOX Mints with free shipping by using the following coupon code: DZoxMint

Click Here for the TheraBreath 6-Pak of ZOX Mints

TheraBreath Coupon #4: FREE 2 AktivOxigen Tablets, 1 Extinguisher Spray, 1 Nasal Sinus Drops (all the products you need to prevent tonsil stones) with a $30 order

This is the perfect solution for those that suspect they suffer from tonsil stones (do you see any white balls or buildup towards your tonsils? This will lead to bad breath.) Whenever you make an order over $30, you get the AktivOxigen tablets, an extinguisher spray AND nasal sinus drops for free. Great deal. Here. Just use this coupon code when you check out with an order of at least $30: A-TNS30

Click Here for the TheraBreath Website

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