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Why Do I Have Bad Breath All the Time?

From the time we are little, we are usually taught that as long as you brush your teeth, floss, and maybe use mouthwash every now and then your breath will be minty fresh. We are told that bad breath is for "dirty" people who do not brush their teeth.

For a large segment of the population who finds that they have bad breath all of the time, regardless of their hygiene habits, this is absolutely not true.

Let's face it; no one wants to have bad breath. There is a social stigma around bad breath, and if you have bad breath all of the time, it is likely that you will be talked about "behind your back", which is never a good feeling.

Not to mention, having to constantly worry if your breath is fresh makes it almost impossible to have confidence when it comes to the opposite sex.

So Why Do I Have Bad Breath All the Time? Why Me?

The answer to this question is often slightly different for everyone.

However, there are enough similarites between those who suffer from chronic bad breath that we can draw some conclusions.

First of all, the "bad smell" that people often associate with bad breath is actually a sulfuric compound. This compound is naturally produced by bacteria that live in your mouth as they help to digest (break down) proteins in your mouth.

These bacteria reproduce, which causes our breath to get worse and worse as they grow in numbers.

So why do you have bad breath all of the time, despite brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing? Usually it's because you have more of these bacteria than mots people.

Now That I Understand My Problem, What Can I Do About It?

Most people would tell you to brush and floss. Unfortunately, not even the best standard toothpaste and toothbrushes can reach the areas where the majority of these bacteria dwell.

People who are a bit more savvy would probably tell you to use a tongue scraper (that one in particular gets great reviews).

I think a tongue scraper is a great instrument to have if you suffer from bad breath, but I don't think it's enough on its own.

While a tongue scraper removes the protective layer of white build-up on your tongue that harbors many of these bacteria responsible for your bad breath...

It doesn't do a thing about the multitude of bacteria which are living in the grooves of your tongue, which are actually likely to be the main cause of your bad breath.

Indeed, having deeper grooves in your tongue could be the reason that you have bad breath all (or most) of the time. And these grooves are so small, and the bacteria so numerous, that a tongue scraper or a toothbrush is not going to be enough.

What you need is a "neutralizing compound" that can balance out the pH levels in your mouth and eliminate many of these bacteria at once. And no, I'm not talking about mouthwash.

Some people have a lot of success with baking soda and peroxide combo. And I do recommend trying that.

However, if you find you are not comfortable with your breath at all and want a strong solution, I recommend you consider one of the reputable bad breath products out there like TheraBreath.

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